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"Thank you Alba Fitness!!  Always encouraging all of the ALBA Divas to shine no matter your size! We are Butterflies who are transforming and it doesn't come overnight, but you can best believe, when we hit that dance floor we take flight!! LOVE YOU LADIES" - Stacey P.

"I have never seen someone so passionate about their customers and fitness as Christina and Desiree! Their talent and ability to provide an amazing experience are unmatched. If you want to feel beautiful and get fit without even realizing it, go to Alba Fitness!" - Victoria B. 

This is an amazing place to go if you are ever feeling down or just need some extra motivation to exercise! The instructors are fun and really know what they are doing! - Cybil F. 

"I am so excited that I found Alba Fitness! The Zumba classes are the best I have found around the area. So energetic and I love the playlists! Love the Latin moves and music like a Zumba class should be! Desiree and Christina really give you a great workout!" -Amy W.

YES! You will burn 600 calories. They deliver on what they promise and it is a fun atmosphere with enthusiastic, we'll-trained instructors. This is the place to move it and lose it! - Loren P. 

"I absolutely love Alba Fitness. The Zumba classes and Hip Hop Fitness and Insanity classes are awesome. Desiree, Christina, and Heather are great teachers and make the class lots of fun. And I'm sure all the classes I haven't taken yet are awesome too. Plus you can't beat $5 classes and no contracts..I love it so much!! I highly recommend it!!!" -Lauren T.

"Alba Fitness is my knight in shining armor. The women there lift me up on days when my heart is weary and my bones are trembling. We dance it out under disco lights until our smiles are true and the rainclouds hovering just above us are gone, replaced instead by glorious sunshine. I have learned to stop feeling ashamed of my imperfections; things like the way my hips are shaped and the way my heartrate skyrockets at the slightest hint of change. Even with only a handful of months at the studio under my belt, I can see what a difference it has made. I can stand in a roomful of women and dance without feeling a pull in my chest, but more importantly, when I inevitably miss a step, I know how to keep going now. The instructors at Alba Fitness have taught me to trust in my own strength. I can meet my own eyes in the mirror, and when the light is just right and the music wraps around me, I feel beautiful. Thank you, Alba Fitness, for believing in me and pushing me to keep going. (And also for introducing me to the beauty of Prince Royce and Daddy Yankee. They’re pretty dope.)" -Marissa E. 

"I just had my daughter's 5th birthday party and it was awesome!! The kids all were so excited to Zumba and had such a great time!! I was looking for a place that was reasonably priced, and that we would have all to ourselves and this was both!! Plenty of room for 15 kids and their families! I was very impressed. Thanks for making her birthday so special!!" -Stephanie F.

"Alba Fitness is great! I usually attend Zumba on Tuesdays with Christina and I ALWAYS leave sweaty but feeling great! I never feel self conscious and it's a great atmosphere to just let loose and SHAKE IT. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great workout without actually feeling like you're working out because it's so fun!" - Diana M. 

"Awesome workouts!!! Feeling it already!!" -Alexandra N.

Wonderful classes and inspirational instructors at Alba Fitness. Great for the mind, body and soul. My kind of therapy. Best way to stay happy! What a great place. - Michelle B. 

"Alba fitness has a variety of classes and is a comfortable place to get any workout you choose. It is also a great place to teach ~ you can feel at home at Alba Fitness!" -Kristen K.

"I freaking love this place!! The people are amazing and you have the time of your life!! It becomes like a 2nd home and family!!" -Gabrielle R.

"The energy is amazing here" -Melissa A.

"Best Zumba class I have taken!!!!!!!!!" -Sandy A.

"Desiree's Zumba class changed my life!!! This is exactly what I've been looking for!" -Amanda N.

"If you want a great cardio challenge, I highly recommend taking the INSANITY 30 Max  & Hip Hop classes. It's fast paced and fun and before you know it class is over and you're sweating like crazy! AWESOME classes!" -Heather D.

"The Zumba class was great!" -Katie C.

"I've never been to a class where I felt comfortable until a friend of mine told me about Turbo Kick with Stephanie. I love it and her! Every single person I've talked to is so nice and encouraging, I don't feel judged while I'm there. It's an atmosphere of doing a workout with your girlfriends. I definitely recommend this place to everyone!!" -Sarah P.

"Took my first class today- Zumba. Everyone was so welcoming and it was so much fun. Looking forward to more Zumba time!!" Stephanie M.

"I took Zumba classes a few years ago, and my teacher moved out of the area, so I have been looking for another class, and I have found it. I was hooked on day one. Desiree is wonderful. Knows her stuff, and full of energy. Such a sweetheart... As a matter of fact everyone there is great. When you come to class be ready to work out, because this young lady is NO Joke." -Cheryl S.

"I was told about this center from a fellow pool club member. Have taken 4 classes so far and loved them all. Knowing that there is childcare for all classes is such a draw and motivator for getting to classes!" -Jaime G.

"I took my first class here tonight, two of them actually, and LOVED this studio! Zumba and circuit training were both awesome and I can't wait to come back for more!" -Alexis P.

"Love this studio !" -Jennifer O.

"So much fun! Awesome instructors and great music!"- Kierstin B.

"Great space, friendly and energetic instructors that offer exercises for a wide variety of skill levels." -Ryan K.

"Had soooo much fun! Everyone was really friendly too!" -Leslie L.

"What a blast!" -Chrissy B.

"I had a great first experience. Can't wait to come back!" - Megan A. 

"Such a good time! Comfortable environment! I definitely felt the burn!" - Sarahbeth G. 

"Zumba is awesome. Wish I had time for the other classes. If anyone is looking for something new you have to come try it out!!! Promise you'll love it." - Lori  A.

"I love this place for zumba and will definitely be trying out classes!" - Cara S.